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HOL> Blo (Benno, code gfx music, 12/92-04/95), Candyman and Optimize (sysops
     'BAGHDAD CAFE', both ex Scoopex, later Legend?, new late91),
     Crackerjack (code, ex Axis, new 08-12/92), Jack (internetorg code,
     04-07/95), Jake (sysop 'NO VEGETABLES', 04/95), Magic (editor, ex
     Applause), Protec (Elrich, code, 12/92-07/95), Retep (gfx editor sysop
     'MASS APPEAL', 12/92-07/95), Tomcat (raytrace editor, 04/95).
SWE> Norad (sysop 'ACES HIGH', later Unicorn, 10/93), Renko (cosys
     'ACES HIGH'), Rohan (cosys 'ACES HIGH', later Unicorn).
GER> Head (Timm, code, ex Alcatraz).
???> Fabian (music, 92-07/95), Thug (gfx, 04/95).

Mirage will probably be most remembered as the group behind the message mag
'Chit Chat', and the group where Danny released his slideshow :)
  1995 - Dutch swapper Sascha left for Mellow sometime between january and
april. The year's first issue of Chit-Chat was released on the first of
april, with a new coeditor - Magic from Applause, previous editor of
Applause's mag "Thing". Magic did not stay in the group long, but in the
short period of time he was a member, he brought with him a LOT of
controversy. He left the group just before the Somewhere in Holland party in
early july, on highly unfriendly terms, and joined TRSI. Mirage later
released an 'anti-magic' intro, and there was also an article is Essence's
"ROM #5" concerning the matter. No further issues of Chit-Chat were ever

Dutch graphician Danny joined Anarchy. He released a slideshow called
  "Forgotten" (92) in Mirage before leaving.

  Tilburg Copy Party Invitation (1990, 22.12, ECS Intro).
  Cooperation with Vision [details]

  Chit-Chat #1 (1991, .06, ECS Mesagebox).

  Forgotten (1992, ECS Slideshow).
  code: Crackerjack, gfx: Danny, music: Fabian.
  Released at the Prime 92 party.

  Chit-Chat #3 (1992, early, ECS Filemag).
  INT - code^gfx^music: Blo.
  MAG - code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Enlightenment.pro" by Jester/Sanity
        (ProTracker MOD format).

  Chit-Chat #4 (1992, ECS Filemag).

  Chit-Chat #5 (1992, ECS Filemag).

  Chit-Chat issue #6 (1992, 01.08, ECS Filemag).
  Released at the Prime Party 91.

  Chit-Chat issue #7 (1992, .10, ECS Filemag).

  Chit-Chat issue #8 (1992, 27.12, ECS Filemag).
  code: Protec, gfx: Hof/Silents (title), Facet/Anarchy (main), Turbo/bronx
  (cliparts), music: "Juicy Fruit" by Jester/Sanity (4ch MOD format),
  editors: Tomcat, Retep. Released at The Party 92.
  review: CC #8 opens with a STUNNING title picture by Hof, and continues
  into a nice magpart. The font is not unlike the eurocharts font, and is
  nicely readable in pastel colors. Jester is one of my favourite musicians,
  but his tune for this mag is a little bland... This is really a
  messagebox, but this time features some cool articles too... The pictures
  at two sides of the panel is a real nice idea, and affords the mag some
  identity of its own! Nicely done, with more to read this would be a GREAT
  mag! Worth the download for the picture alone.
    Some text in the mag suggests an intro by Crackerjack, but I have only
  the mag executable... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1 -- Note: Needs KillAGA!

  Chit-Chat #10 (1993, Diskmag).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Basic Instinct" by Jester/Sanity.

  Chit-Chat #14 (1994, 30.12, AGA Diskmag).
  information: The release date is a rough guess, based on comments in CC
  #15 that it was prepared for The Party 5, but released a few days after
  due to a few bugs.

  Chit-Chat #15 (1995, 01.04, AGA Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Protec, gfx: Titan/Bomb (title), Danny/Spaceballs (main), music:
  "Junkie" by Virgill/Essence (The Player 6.0A format), editors: Magic,
  Retep, Tomcat.
  review: CC has become a nicely designed diskmag, with a good selection of
  articles. The mag's original messagebox functions are now more of an
  afterthought than the real attraction. The size of the mag is a problem,
  though, with the relatively low amount of articles and just one tune, this
  mag should NOT take more than a single disk...instead it fills nearly two!
  We suspect the gallery section has a lot of the blame for this. The mag
  comes on two disks, but can be easily installed on a harddisk.
  Unfortunately, this would prove to be the final issue. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Models Inc (1995, 09.07, AGA 40k Intro).
  code/gfx: Protec, music: Fabian.
  5th in the Somewhere In Holland 95 intro competition.
  review: Again a little limited, though perhaps less so than the other
  intro. This one features digitized pictures of actresses from the TV
  series Models Inc. This is essentially another one-routine intro, with
  some bitmap manipulation being performed on the actresses' faces, as
  well as a texturemapped cube with even more mugs. Quite unexciting,
  actually... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  SIH95 Intro (1995, 09.07, AGA 40k Intro)
  code: Jack, gfx: Diesel8 (logo), Retep, music: Hollywood.
  8th in the Somewhere in Holland 95 intro competition.
  review: Quite limited this, with only a morpher/ripple routine on a face
  as its only real effect. Other than that, there's just a nice logo and
  some music. Too limited to have any real impact. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.