Back in Time Live 2002

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Back in Time Live, London, June 21st, 2002


Here is a photo story of BuZz (Jools) and XtC's (Jase) trip to Back in Time Live London, which took place on the 21st of June 2002. The Back in Time Live events featured live and mixed music influenced by the C64, lots of beer, and visitors from around the world including many of our hero's from the 8 and 16 bit games industry. The event was held in Gossips Nightclub in the Soho area of London. It was absolutely packed, and a little too hot for my liking, but read the story to learn more...

Computer Love I Made This
Before the event, Jools gets some last minute shut eye with his usual comforters.

- (Awe, bless!)
Before the event, Jase can't help whipping it out!

- (Yeah, yeah, we know you drew that picture, but it's like sooo 1998!)
Force'd Entry The Artful Dodger
Alex Aris tries out his trusted Jedi mind trick to gain free entry...

"You don't need to see my identifcation."

...but to no avail.
Jools has a better idea...

"Jase, take a picture of Chris Abbott whilst I sneak past him."

Chris, in no way stressed due to organising the nights events, happily poses for the photo.
Dude, You Need To Get Out More We Love You Ben
Once inside, we discover a crowd obscuring the stage during the performance of Press Play On Tape.

Not being able to see the band was no excuse for this Dancing Man.

- (Damn, it was warm in that place!)
Ben Daglish demonstrated his new found skill as compere by telling "Monty Mole" lightbulb jokes and singing "My Way".

- (Okay, so I made all that up!)

We love you Ben!
A Smashing Performance... ...For A Captive Audience
Some kind soul left an empty glass on stage which Ben Daglish unwittingly booted and shattered!
Since we all love Ben, he could do no wrong. A standing ovation was called for!

An encore performance wasn't.
They Might Be Giants No Blasters!
On hearing Ben's screams, Jase captures Press Play On Tape gloating as they realise their old "leave an empty glass on a dark stage" trick still works.
Looking more like the Mos Eisley Cantina, Jools and Jase finally managed to quench their heat induced thirst at the busy bar...

...and much like the Mos Eisley Cantina, it too cost an arm!

- (Though no Light Sabres were to be seen!)
ExoticA vs Laamella... The See Sixty Four
Agreeing to pose for a photo, Jase quickly captures these two Europeans on film.

At least one of them was showing signs of heat fatigue when he failed to focus on the camera!
Discovering how easy it was to get people to pose for photos, Jase manages to capture LaLa, Tinky-Winky ? ;-), Alex Aris (Axle) and Darren Izzard.
Happy Days Head Above The Rest
Jase also manages to capture Jason McKenzie aka

The Kenz.

- (Hey, aren't you that Tim guy from C4's Big Brother?)
With the camera held over his head Jase manages to capture another band on stage.

Unfortunately, we can't remember the name of them!
A Family Affair Overheating Has Never Been So Much Fun
Hogging the only working cool air supply in the club is Chris Abbott's brother, with a fine collection of audio CDs and PC games on offer.

Was the controlled air supply a sales technique? We remember this area of the club becoming strangely popular...
Seeking more fodder for this gallery, Jase manages to capture a sensible looking Jon Hare just after we had all been chastised for blocking the entrance to the club, and the only other source of cool air!

- (Did we mention how warm it was in there?)
Very Happy To Be Here Yak, Yak, Yak
Trigger happy Jase captures another one of our game music gods, Richard Joseph, with his hands mysteriously tucked away in his magic pockets.

That's a wicked smile you have there Mr. Joseph, you old barbarian you.

- (Aaargh, enough with game references already!)
Jools captures Jase demonstrating his new radioactive toothpaste smile (and the main cause of his hair loss) to a disinterested Jeff Minter.

Obviously suffering from the heat, Jeff is also unable to focus on the camera.
Return Of The Jasi A Page From History
Jools captures a romantic moment between Jase and Jason Page.
Jase captures an historic moment as Jason Page finally gets to meet the game music world's equivalent to Stock, Aitken & Waterman - David Whittaker.

There is no standing in the shadow of this beast! ;-)
Stressed Ben The Voyage Home
With the evenings events seeming to take place as they should, Ben Daglish pauses for a well earned rest.

- (Did we mention how warm it was in there?)
Nearing the end of a loooooong night, the road back to ExoticA HQ is a long one.

With the friendly ghost of Amiga as our guide, we finally arrive home.
The End! ;-)
The End! ;-)