Black Box Symposium '95

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Black Box Symposium 95 was a demo party.

22-23.04  Black Box Symposium 95.
BBX95 was held at St.Marien Gemeinde-Centrum in Hamburg, Germany by
Complex, Sanity and Phantasm for the Amiga scene only. 308 people paid to
attend, plus the 15 members of the staff. Lots of Amiga companies donated
stuff for the competitions. Decca/Lego wrote a party report for the German
paper mag Amiga Special! The following year, the party was called just
Symposium 96, and was coarranged with the organizers of the 680xx
Convention and the Fried Bits Convention (atari party).
  21 modules were delivered to the music contest. My results are a little
more complete and correct than the official ones, due to access to most of
the contributions through the Mekka & Symposium 97 CD-ROM.

· Information and results from official invitation and result text files by

Invit   Polka Brothers and Phantasm "BlackBox-Symposium 95 Party

amdemo  1.  Artwork "Greenday".
        2.  Sanity "Roots V2.0".
        3.  Oxyron "Temple of Decease".
        4.  Retire "Cronos".

am60k   1.  Lego "Boom".
        2.  Bizarre Arts "Florx".
        3.  Shrimps Design "60k of Zwidula".
        4.  Nordsee "Futter Dat Fresse".

gfx     1.  Ben.E/Shrimps Design "Sand Dragon!".
        2.  Fiver/Artwork "Green Trash".
        3.  JMS/Artwork "Bild".
        4.  Sire/Lego "Castle".
        5.  Cthulu/Sanity "Face".
        6.  Dragon/Incal "Enlightenment!".
        7.  Latex/Phantasm "Flying Dragon".
        8.  Bastard "Willi".
        9.  Noodles/Phantasm "blub_blub".
        10. Takeoff/PBH "Logo".
        11. Zabel "Schädel".
        12. Cr8y/Phantas "Dark Side of Life".
        13. MAD "DruckPlatte".

anim    1.  Redwolf.
        2.  Zabel.
        4.  Takeoff/PBH.

music   1.  Noodles/Phantasm "Funky44".
        2.  Cromag "Tango Sisters".
        3.  Raw Style/Lego "Noname".
        4.  Jarry^Jazy/Incal "Enjoy The Silence".
        5.  Ayege "Slowdown".
        6.  Meikel/Section8 "Up And Away".
        7.  Voyage/Artwork "Downstairs".
        8.  Panic T. "Mayday Storm".

other   Abyss "Drugstore" (amiga demo).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Black Box Symposium '95.

Demo Year Group(s)
Roots 2.0 1995 Sanity
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