Browbeat (amiga)

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Browbeat (BBT)


  • D.N.A (gfx, 05/89)
  • Freddy (code swap, 05/89)
  • Infinity (Juha Kouri, code, 05/89-94)
  • J-Zax (05/89)
  • Mace (swap, 05/89)
  • Ruzzo (swap, 05/89)
  • Splatter (code, 05/89)
  • Zip (swap)

Group History

Browbeat was a Finnish demo group, a section of the original c64 group.

  • Finnish coder Infinity is the author of JNet, a transfer program between the Amiga and the Commodore 64. They were accused of spreading the BGS-9 virus for the amiga.


See Browbeat (amiga)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Dots of Browbeat (1989, .05, ECS Intro)

  • code: Splatter, Freddy (additional)
  • gfx: D.N.A
  • music: "Engura" by ???/X-Men (SoundTracker format)