Browbeat (c64)

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Browbeat (BOT)

FIN> Crash (gfx, 04/90), Dr.Code (code gfx, 04/90), Elf (04/90), Express
     (04/90), Gator (04/90), Gnoc (04/90), Leviathan (04/90), Murphy
     (04/90), Oxygen (code, 04/90), Sam (04/90), Topaz Design (gfx, 04/90),
     TSB (code, 04/90), Zwizer (gfx, 04/90).

Browbeat were a Finnish demo group, active at least in 1989 and 1990.
  1989 - Tmb left for Byterapers, while Judge left for Contex, both some
time before june. News in Unicess' "Popcorn #3" [01/90] that Sam had joined
Beyond Force must have been mistaken, as his name is still on the memberlist
in the demo "Ingen Pant" [04/90].
  1990 - Browbeat ended their cooperation with Motion in july. Finnish
member Max (04/90-) left for Beyond Force in July.

  Ingen Pant (1990, 14.04, Multifile Demo).
  code: Dr.Code, Oxygen, Stranger/MTN, Hawkeye/MTN, gfx: Dr.Code, Crash,
  Topaz Design, Zwizer, Disc/MTN, music: JCH/Vibrants, Topaz Design, MSI/?,
  Density/?, Hithouse/TRC. Released at Swedish Elite Easter Conference.
  Cooperation with Motion (MTN).
  review: Originally two demos, Browbeat and Motion decided to merge their
  demoparts at the party, to create just one great demo. Highlighted more
  by an overall high standard of graphics than coding excellence, there are
  a few moments (like the stretching upscroller in part 4) that are good.
  These are Motion parts and Browbeat parts happily mixed together, mostly
  one after the other, and most of them almost look like crack intros (and
  I don't mean that in a bad way!) If you like nice logos (and the
  occasional good picture by Crash) get this. [glenn]