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Carillon (1992-1993)

Group History

Carillon was formed by Dweezil and Heatbeat after Heatbeat was kicked from the Finnish section of Rebels. After releasing two demos in 1992, they merged with Cyberiad in the first months of 1993 to create one of the best ever Finnish teams; Carillon and Cyberiad Institutes (CNCD). At least Heatbeat (music), Destop (gfx), WDO (code) and Major Tom (music, ex Anarchy) came along to the new group. Despite rumours, Golem (ex Anarchy) never joined Dual Crew Shining, and this was likely the last group the Finnish graphician was a member of. It is believed coder and cofounder Dweezil went to Stellar at the time of the group's death.

  • Finnish musician and graphician Dean (12/92) joined Damones.
  • Finnish members Wraith and Major Tom (music) left the scene 09/92. Didn't Major Tom move on to CNCD?
  • Finnish Bloodstone was kicked, and therefore joined Scoopex 11/91.


Love & Anarchy (1992, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: WDO
  • gfx: Destop
  • music: Heatbeat

The Return of the Son of the Monster Magnet (1992, 28.12, ECS 40k Intro)

  • code: WDO
  • gfx: Destop
  • music: Maza/Rebels
10th in The Party 92 40k intro competition.