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CeBIT 91 was a demo party.

24-26.03  CeBIT 91.
The CEBIT91 Exposition was held in Hannover, Germany, and there was also (as
usual) an afterparty on saturday. This year it was hosted by Anarchy,
Brainstorm and Panic at the "Paddelclub" in Hannover-Dören for the amiga
scene. Please note that some of these releases were made at the exposition
itself, some at the party. Since it is almost impossible to know what was
released where, they are presented here combined. There were probably no
competitions, just copying and a general 'party' feeling.

· Information and releases from these sources:
  - Official Party pack #1.
  - Some informations from scuz.

other   Addonic "Fractale" (amiga).
        Admirals "Mongerful Smile" (amiga).
        Amiga Industries & TRSi "KickIn Ass Party Invi" (amiga).
        Antiriad "Second Intro" (amiga).
        Coma "Boring Bobs" (amiga).
        Coma "CeBIT 91 Intro" (amiga).
        Extensors "Demo" (amiga).
        Frantic "Quadrophobia" (amiga).
        Paranoid "Demo" (amiga).
        Sanity "Blah Blah Extra 2" (amiga).
        Sanity "Fools Gold" (amiga).
        The Special Brothers "Vector Designer Intro" (amiga).
        Trackers "Demo" (amiga).
        Trygon "Cebit" (amiga).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at CeBIT '91.

Demo Year Group(s)
Fool's Gold 1991 Sanity
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