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CeBIT 93 was a demo party.

27-28.03  CeBIT 93.
The CeBIT93 exposition was held in Hannover, Germany, and the traditional
afterparty was hosted by Scoopex on saturday the 28th. All other intros than
the Alcatraz one were disqualified beacause they didn't stick to the 60k
boundaries. The results from Shock! differ some as far as gfx and music go,
but I think Shock! are the ones with incorrect results here.
  The exposition itself also had some interesting things on display; it
featured presentations of two important new developments - The Intel Pentium
processor and the Amiga 1200 home computer...

· Partial results from "R.A.W issue #5" (amiga) news section.
· Results from the file 'Cebit'93 party - organized by Scoopex - results:'.
· Some information from the "Imphobia issue #6" (pc) exposition report.

invit   Scoopex (two released, amiga).

amdemo  1.  UDO "Vaginal Massacre".
        2.  TRSI "Misery Dentro 2".
        3.  Sanity "Terminal Fuckup".

am60k   1.  Alcatraz "60k Intro".

gfx     1.  Fade One/TRSI.
        2.  Godflesh/The Silents.
        3.  Navy/Vanish.

music   1.  Microforce/Sanity.
        2.  Romeo Knight/TRSI.
        3.  HoMiCide/Alcatraz.

other   Analog "Important Note" (amiga intro).
        Arise "Realtime Margherita" (amiga).
        Damian "CeBIT 93 Intro" (amiga).
        Damian "CeBIT 93 Slideshow" (amiga).
        Infect "Exotic Ripper V2.10 Intro" (amiga).
        The Electronic Knights (TEK) "CeBIT 93 Intro" (amiga).
        TRSI "CeBIT 93 Slideshow" (amiga).
        Wizzcat "Kerygma" (amiga).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at CeBIT '93.

Demo Year Group(s)
Misery Dentro 2 1993 Masque/TRSI
Terminal Fuckup 1993 Sanity
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