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Also known as KRIS Tracker, a module packer created by KRIS/Anarchy for use by Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat/Anarchy).

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Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Year Team / Publisher
Bubble Dizzy 1992 Codemasters / Codemasters
Chuck Rock 1991 Core Design / Core Design
Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk 1992 Codemasters / Codemasters
Dojo Dan 1992 Psionic Systems / Europress Software
Indy Heat 1992 The Sales Curve / Storm
Last Battle 1991 Elite / Elite
Leander 1991 Travellers Tales / Psygnosis
Magicland Dizzy 1991 Codemasters / Codemasters
Premiere 1992 The 8th Day / Core Design
Sky High Stuntman 1991 Codemasters / Codemasters
Slightly Magic 1991 Astonishing Animations / Codemasters
Troddlers 1992 ATOB, The Sales Curve / Storm
Violator 1991 Codemasters / Codemasters
Warzone 1991 Core Design / Core Design
Wolfchild 1992 Core Design / Core Design


Demo Year Group / Party
No ChipTracker demo music in the archive
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