Clique (amiga)

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Clique (CLQ)


  • Bloody (trade, new 06/96)
  • Cool Shot (sysop, triplememb of Hoodlum and Virtual Dreams)
  • Cooper (music)
  • Detail (code trade, ex TRSI, new 04/96)
  • Kris (gfx cosys, ex Scoopex, new 04/96)
  • Master (code, new 06/96)
  • Melih (code)
  • Mit (code, new 06/96)
  • Ravel (gfx)
  • Remix (trade)
  • Smile (trade, new 06/96)
  • Sparky (code trade)
  • XTD (music, doublememb TRSI and Mystic, new 04/96)

Group History

Clique is a demogroup based, I believe, in Turkey. They are closely related to their mothergroup from the c64. They announced that Sonik Clique stole their name 04/96. Sonik Clique is mainly demoscene-related and Clique is mainly modem-related, but they think they were the first to use that name (04/96).

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