Clique (c64)

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Clique (1991-,

TUR> Babyface (Kagan Demir, music, 06/91), Exodus (06/91), Mad (code,
     06/91), Master (code, 06/91), Metallic (06/91), Prince (code, 06/91),
     Remix (edit, 06/91), Scotch (06/91), Smile (Cenk Koseoglu, swap,
     01-02/93), Teod (06/91), Tuareg (code swap, 06/91).
GER> Ivory (swap, early91), Nothingface (also in Pulsar, 03/92-01/93).
N-L> Pulsar (Jeroen, swap, 03/92).
SWE> The Torch (Hakan Mattsson, swap, 03/92).
???> Flint (early93), Joker (code, 91), Script (early93), Stormbringer

Clique was a demogroup, based in Turkey. They were born in the middle of
1991, after Tuareg, Mad, Teod, Metallic, Master, Babyface, Scotch, Prince,
Exodus and Remix left Bronx to build a new group. An amiga section was also
  1993 - Playboy joined F4CG early this year. In june, the group was dealt a
major blow when Remix, the turkish editor of "Script", decided to leave the
c64 scene for a position with the amiga elite cracking group Crystal around
june! He released one final issue, "Script #15", before ending it all...

  Script #5 (1991, mid.06, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Tuareg, gfx: Remix (cn logo), Flint (script logo), music:
  MAG - code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.
  review: With this issue of Script (actually the first ever; the four
  previous ones were released under the name Cemetery News) everything got
  changed for the producers of the mag. They had a new group (they were
  previously in Bronx), the diskmag had changed its name, and they had a new
  outfit. It was a fresh start.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to view anything but the intro, since VICE
  gave me a cpu jam in the disk drive. I will return to the mag once I find
  the time to transfer it to native hardware and test it there. The disk
  comes with two notes; one written by Spellbound/Bronx using Bronx Noter
  II and one by Remix using Bullet/TERA's Easy Noter. [glenn]