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Defiance (DFC, 1992-)


  • Airbrain (swap, 93)
  • Avenger (music, ex Equinox)
  • Fatal (ex Equinox)
  • Kervin (Johan Mowitz, swap, ex Kaos, new 09/92)
  • Magnum (gfx, ex Equinox)
  • Marwin (sysop 'KAOTIC WORLD')
  • Mellon (music, 12/93-12/94)
  • Mosquito (sysop 'ASSEMBLY HALL', doublememb Reflex, 01/95)
  • Siracon (Anders Johansson, music, ex Genetic, 12/93-12/94)
  • Skepp (sysop 'BEYOND MADNESS', doublememb Freezers, 01/95)
  • Slaze (Daniel Celin, code music, 12/93)
  • Stolz (sysop 'STONEHENGE')
  • Valiant (code, ex Equinox)
  • Wizard (ex Equinox)
  • Boki (code, old handle Nirvana, later Razor 1911, 05-12/93)
  • Gnome (gfx, 12/93)
  • Gordon (sysop, new 09/92)
  • Marsuplami (swap)
  • Mistral (new 09/92)
  • Oops (gfx, 12/93)
  • Yoga (swap, ex Lobban/Genetic)

Group History

Defiance were born late 1992, after the group Death Defiers changed their name to Defiance. They are a Sweden-based demogroup, probably most renowned for their diskmag "Buzz". Boki is no longer a member; he was in the Razor 1911 for a little while (02.94-), until he was exposed as a liar, and kicked. Siracon and Mellon make music together, as a duo.

Uncle Acid joined Submission.

Swedish musician C-Quence is now in Gods.

Swedish "Buzz" editor Plugster left to be independent, then joined Factor late 95. "Buzz" will be released by Factor from now on.

Finnish trader and organizer Mike (94) joined Mystic 01/95.

Swedish swapper Sputnik (ex Quartz, 09/92) joined Midway.


Shangri-La (1993, 29.05, Demo)

  • code: Nirvana
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a
9th in the TCC 93 demo competition.

Virtual Journey (1993, 28.12, AGA File)

  • code:
    • Boki
    • Slaze
  • gfx:
    • Oops
    • Gnome
  • music: "Virtual Journey" by Slaze
17th in The Party 93 demo competition.
The demo was named after Slaze's techno soundtrack, which also competed in the music competition, but was unselected.

Buzz issue #3 (1994, Diskmag)

After recoding the entire Propaganda mag for issue #3, Colorbird gave the old code (used on issues 1-3) to Defiance for Buzz.

Imaginations (1994, Musicdisk)

Reviewed in Propaganda #4, where it was butchered :)

Buzz issue #6 (1995 or pre, Diskmag)

  • code: Slaze
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a