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L.A.M.E. (1995, 30.08, 64k Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

For anyone who's seen a lot of demos, "L.A.M.E." is gonna bring a smile to your face. Never have so many good demos been made fun of in such a respectful, tongue-in-cheek way :) From the opening DINX PROJECT logo (which looks a lot like the PYGMY PROJECTS logo from "Extension" [08/93]) - to the end graphics before the cartoon (which looks a lot like something out of Mack's slideshow "Prism" [92] for Melon) - this is a fun ride down demoscene memory lane. The chiptune by Jester has almost certainly been ripped from somewhere, but I can't quite remember where...
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chp, 16mb fast/3.0.