Eastern Party '92

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Eastern Party 92 was a demo party.

17-18.04  Eastern Party 92.
Held in Lahr, Germany by Shining 8 for the amiga scene. The winning 'demo'
is a musicdisk! The first price in the competition was an Amiga 500. The
demo from Bowdlerize was coded by a Sanity member, try pressing FAKE during
the demo for a surprise...

· Information and additional results taken from these sources:
  - Demos from TEK Mind Funk #35.
  - Module information from WOTW.
  - some info in Pleasure "Big Business #2" (magazine).

invit   Shining 8 "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Sanity "Jesterday".
        2.  Pleasure "Taste Of A New Generation".
        3.  Bowdlerize "Exasperate".
        xx. Addonic "Crashpoint BBS Dentro".
        xx. Awesome "The Final Cut".
        xx. Submission "Last Step To Insanity".

gfx     1.  Scuba/X-Trade.
        2.  Tomcat/Supplex.

music   1.  WOTW/Supplex "Being The Best".
        2.  Ripguy/Pleasure.
        3.  ???/D-Tect.

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Eastern Party '92.

Demo Year Group(s)
Jesterday 1992 Sanity
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