Eltech (old)

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Eltech [old]


Cosher (code)
Hellrazor (raytrace)
Pink Panther (sysop)
Preacher (code gfx)
Splash (/Xcode sysop)
Aquafresh (music, ex Mellow, new late95
Blind Man (sysop)
C-Rad (music)
D-Code (gfx swap, new late95)
Dr.Octave (music)
Inferno (music ascii)
Loopy (sysop)
Loz (code gfx)
Mic Flair (org trade)
Orion (code)
Quakers (code sysop)
Realitor (code swap, late95)
Screech (music)
Sire (sysop 'MAN EATS DOG', new 04/96)
Spangly (code music, ex Neo, new 04/96)
Violator (trade)
Muse (music sysop)
General Lee (Swap)


Group History

The originally British group Eltech died, and some Norwegians later restarted the group. Among others Dr.Death (01/97), Maze and Skinner from the original group are also in the reborn variety. Outcast is now an Eltech production (04/96).

  • British coder 2Cool left.
  • British musician Assassin left.
  • Finnish swapper Splatterhead joined Scoopex.
  • English swapper Lithium (pack 'Lunch Pak', 01/97) and graphician and swapper Wade (late95) joined Gods late 96.
  • English swapper Devistator (ex Neo, new 04/96) joined Abyss.
  • Hurricane left the scene 04/96.
  • Kurgan, Mr.Anonym, Sheela and Tipper got kicked late 95.