Faith (old)

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Faith [old] (FTH, 1993-1994)


Mogue (sysop 'ENDLESS PAIN', doublememb Fire and Ice, 01/94)
PMF and Gilby (ex DyTeC & ex MiNiSTRY) (sysops 'CHEZ AMIE')
Flux and Radiosity (sysops 'CANADIAN MIST', 05/98)
Triton (ger? 01/94)

Group History

Faith was an illegal cracking group formed by germans Gandalf and Oliver Stoned (previously in Paranoimia) in 1993. The two divided the group's activities up between them after a while; Oliver Stoned taking care of the pc section, while Gandalf was responsible for the amiga and consoles. Later Oliver Stoned joined TRSI with the entire Faith group, a situation that worked thus: They released the English or international versions of games through TRSI, and the german version under the Faith label.

After The Party 93 in december of last year, Gandalf changed his

handle to Ghandy and changed his focus from illegal activities to the demoscene. Faith died as a group in early 94 (probably) when they joined forces with Progress (old) to create the new group Scandal (new).

  • Germans Xan and JMS (gfx) joined Vision (amiga) (old), but we are not certain exactly when this happened.