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Falon (1990-1991) were a Dutch demo group, founded in late 1990 by Jay One (gfx) and Sane (swap). Soon also Weirdo (Olav Hinke, music) and Knightram (Mathijn Maantjes, music swap) joined. Falon had no coders and they only released one production with the help of coder Magician Lord/Axis in January of 1991.

After the release of the "Sinus Intro", Falon merged with a Danish group organized by swapper Dr.Poison (Jan Jorgenson) and renamed to Ozone. Unfortunately, this group lasted for only one day (!) before all members joined the UK-based demo group The Lunatics. This did not last long either, as after just one week the Danish division decided to leave the Lunatics and restart their original group (before the merger with Falon).

Thanks to Sane for information on this group!


Sinus Intro (1991, .01, ECS Intro)

Magician Lord/Axis
Jay One