Ozone (old)

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Ozone [old]

???> Cueder (music, 12/93), Poison (code, 05/92), Sam (music, 05/92),
     Scorpion (gfx, 05/92), Spirit Fright (gfx, 05/92), Xann (code,

Ozone were most probably based in France, and when the group died in late
92 or early 93, all members joined Hemoroids. Don't know any specific names
yet. They were later reborn with members from...Hemoroids! EuroChart #15
carried the news that 'Sanity FR is now Ozone'.

Axel and Orcus joined Hemoroids early 93.

  Inferno (File).

  Shed Tears (1992, 01.05, ECS Slideshow, 2 disks).
  code: Poison, Xann, gfx: Scorpion, Spirit Fright, music: Sam.