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Potaz (1995, 30.08, ECS 64k Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Oh, very very nice! Design is the order of the day here; the way the routines are timed to the music is most excellent! To be quite frank, there's not really any element of this that bothers me, so I'll just conclude that this one's worth your download time :)
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

Unanimiter (1996, 30.08, AGA 64k Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

The intro opens with a Floppy logo, before a relief bump routine where we travel around the bump and credits appear on top appear. The light also changes color several times. This is followed by a blurry tunnel, before a phong-spring is overlaid... and then things take a nice turn for the stylish as the bump routine is back again, but this time it also spins while everything is going on... =) And then another logo by Fame, this time saying Unanimiter, and we're done.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

PapadeO (1996, 10.11, AGA File)

Review by Glenn Lunder

It's the usual story, with phong objects and bumpmapping galore and not much else. Personally I'm getting sick of these 3D-object-marathon demos. All that changes from demo to demo, it seems, are the objects. The code remains the same, and usually the music does too.
This is technically impressive, but not very interesting for the casual viewer. Perhaps it'll give some coders a hard-on, but that's about the extent of it. Requires some fast, though I'm not sure how much.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

Papadeo 2 (1997, 23.02, AGA 4MB File)

Comment by Glenn Lunder

There will be no review of this demo, for the simple fact that it refuses to work on my system; it gurus every time. At first I thought it was some program I had loaded that the demo didn't like, but booting without startup-sequence didn't help matters either. It always crashes with an 'illegal instruction' guru, ...0004 or ...0006. On closer inspection of the accompanying text file, I believe the problem is that this demo requires an FPU! Anyone with a suitable machine that can review this for me?
It's a filedemo alright, but the file is almost 4MB big :) Although it'll work (depends on your setup ;( ) with an 020+ processor, an 040 at 25Mhz is the recommended machine!
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

Deport (1997, 05.04, AGA HD Multifile)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Short and oh so sweet, "Deport" is filled with a few, well polished effects rather than lots of half finished ones, which is all too common. The speed of these routines are really suited to impress, especially the 3D lightwave scene and the speedy, greatlooking tunnels towards the end. Revisq's soundtrack avoids the all too common techno tune, in favour of a powerful percussion-based track which really adds a lot to the demo. Fame's graphics are OK, but nothing special.
I do not know whether this requires any fast mem. When I clicked the left mouse button to exit at the end, I was presented with a guru. The demo was released at a small, internal meeting (dubbed the BUZ Party) held 04-06.97, and visited by Zig (organizer), Def, Flapjack/Appendix and Informer/Appendix :) Download heavily advised.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

TunOn - TuneIn - DropOut (1999, 05.09, AGA 16MB Demo)

Review by Kempy

Mighty Floppy demo team again developed very good presentation. In this production we'll see how chemical boosters can influence on scener's minds. Narco vision is coded in ham8, low-res resolution and eats lot of CPU time. Demo starts with black&white photos from white powder's breathing in (probably it isn't a meal for sure =)). After while we can see a kind of naked vector's (but motion blured) tunnel which with agressive sounds' accompaniment become 2D texture tunnel in a splits second. All sequence seems to be a "entering outworld" procedure. And boom! Goalike module hits your ears and show begins!
What we have here? Plenty of well designed 2D effects which looks wonderful with all the lights and moving transparent textures. Some procedures are breathtaking and it's hard to believe that they're calculated in 2D! Every watcher is on trip with creators of this artpiece. At the end we hear "dresiarski" voice speaking Floppy's motto: "You get what you deserve" and endscroll appears. Interesting is fact that we can see here a photos of demomakers. Maq, Def and X-Ceed made a really good demo, only it's sad that astonishing feelings are destroyed by code's slowness.
Sure, every kid want to taste "white powder" now, am i right? But before start "to fly" try to think - demo is only a demo and you can easily turn off your amee in every moment. From other hand i must admit that when i'm looking at Floppy's product it's very hard to do it...

Mocap (2001, HD File Demo)

Comment by Glenn Lunder

Well, this ain't gonna be much of a review, since I was unable to run this demo on my machine. Having originally tried the demo with just 16mb fast, and found that that just wasn't enough to get it up and running, I dove into this old pentium cabinet I've got here (normally running Red Hat Linux =]), and quickly extracted a 32mb SIMM. Plugged it in, tried the demo again... and now it crashed. Two more tries and I'm giving up. Likely this requires and FPU or possibly even PPC, but no system requirements are anywhere to be seen in the accompanying info file.
I'm depressed now.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 32mb fast/3.1 -- Note: See review!