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Appendix (APX)

Current Members

  • BTA (Slawomir Kukurenda, code music, aka Popcorn, 09/01)
  • Cosh (gfx, 09/01)
  • Codi (raytrace, 09/01)
  • Crust (code, doublememb Amnesty, new 01-09/01)
  • Emers (code, new 01-09/01)
  • Flapjack (music pack, ex Erotic Design, 04/97-09/01)
  • Juen (Paweï Nowak, swap, 09/01)
  • Juma (gfx webmaster, 01/98-09/01)
  • Kierownik (code, new 11/99-09/01)
  • Madbart (mainorg raytrace sysop 'THE SECT' WHQ, triplememb Anadune and Teklords, 11/96-09/01)
  • MCR (Wojtek Nowak, swap, 09/01)
  • Neuromancer (gfx, ex Scalaris, new early96-09/01)
  • Noxis (code, new early01-09/01)
  • Sagrael (editor, 09/01)
  • Slayer (gfx org, 04-09/01)
  • Sobol (Krzysiek Sobolewski, swap, 09/01)
  • Kalms (Mikael Kalms, code, aka Scout, new 07/97-09/01)

Previous Members

  • Aln (code, doublememb Mawi, ex Dinx Project, new 07/97-01/98)
  • Blaze (swap, 01/98)
  • Carson (gfx swap, ex Erotic Design, 07/97-01/98)
  • Cerber (code trade sysop 'RADIOACTIVE', 07/97-01/98)
  • Cooper (code, ex Erotic Design)
  • Esc (code swap)
  • Fenix (sysop 'FENIX', 07/97)
  • Informer (code, ex Erotic Design, 02/97-01/98)
  • Iron Angel (sysop 'EMERGENCY', doublememb Ozone Free, 11/96-07/97)
  • Judas (code edit, new 06/96-01/98)
  • Lynx (code)
  • Madman (ftp-op, 07/97-01/98)
  • MAF (raytrace)
  • Maverick (sysop 'TOP GUN', 07/97)
  • Pike (whq gfx)
  • Prefix (trade, 07/97-01/98)
  • Rappid (gfx, ex Erotic Design, 07/97-01/98)
  • Sachy (Piotr Sachanowitz, code, 01/98)
  • Spectra (music, 01)
  • SuperFML (music, old handle FML, ex Erotic Design, 07/97-01/98)
  • Sylwek (raytrace webmaster, 07/97-01/98)
  • Timer (Michael Baczek, music, ex Scalaris, new early96-07/97)
  • Trash Head (sysop 'TRASH YARD', 07/97-01/98)
  • VIP (gfx)
  • Walec (swap)
  • Wildthing (trade sysop 'DIXIE', 07/97)
  • X-Ceed (Wojciech Panufnik, music, old handle Snoopy, doublememb Dinx Project, 12/97-02/98)
  • Coolio (swap, doublememb Grashoppers Development, new 06/96)
  • Radavi (sysop 'WILD PALMS', 07/97-01/98)
  • Offspring (trade sysop 'OXYGEN OVERDOSE', 07/97)
  • Hansa (ghq swap)
  • Acid (ascii, 07/97)
  • Cooper (pol? gfx, 02/97-01/98)
  • Deejay Jones (music, 07/97)
  • Hangman (code swap, 07/97)
  • Mag 666 (raytrace, 12/97-01/98)
  • Nazgul (code, 07/97)
  • Speedie (raytrace, 01/98)
  • Xtro (raytrace, 07/97-01/98)

Group History

Appendix is one of the oldest polish demo groups, is one of the better Polish-based demo groups, under the leadership of Madbart (main) and Slayer. They were born in 1992, and still exist today! Polish music group Pic Saint Loup is a subgroup of Appendix; serving as their music division. I'd really love to tie up all the loose ends above, so if anyone can help...

German musician Cie joined Phuture 303 late in the year.
Mental and Shadow (polish gfx) were both kicked in june. Swapper and 'Fa!' pack editor Klaf (doublememb Scalaris, ex Depth, new 06/96) joined Old Bulls in june...or just as a doublemember (Showtime #2). Which is true? And what happened to his doublemembership in Scalaris? It is mentioned in a newsfile by Madbart, however, that he left both Appendix and the scene. Blaze joined Floppy late 96...but later returned.
Informer, Flapjack, Cooper, FML, Carson and Rappid joined from Erotic Design early in the year. Aln joined from Picco, and swede Scout from C-Lous in july.
Sundance (gfx/ascii, 07/97) was kicked due to several reasons, and Jacobs (07/97) and Ziutek (doublememb Royal, new 07/97) both left the modem scene in january. Flapjack decreased his amiga activities almost to a standstill in the middle of the year, to concentrate on his studies. In november, the group arranged the Satellite 98 party in Poland!
The group arranged the party Satellite 2 in november, and not long after polish Kierownik joined the group.
Enter and Bta (coders) were kicked... but it's possible this happened in 2001, I'm not sure. On a memberlist from september 2001, BTA is a member again!
Early in the year, Noxis (code) joined, Maq (code) was kicked, and Lothar left the group. Emers (code) and Crust (code, double Amnesty) was recruited. Sagrael, editor of 'Taboo', joined. The "Kiss My Jazz Intro" [04/01] was released for the demo competition (18th) and the 64k intro "Melba" [04/01] was released for the intro competition (3rd) at Mekka Symposium in april. UBik and Budgie left. Polish musician Voice (07/97-) was kicked, and is now working under the Indygo band label. Ritz joined PSL/Appendix. Juen (swap) joined. Crust (code) joined, but is also in Amnesty. The musicdisk "Kiss My Jazz" was finally released by PSL/Appendix. At the Symphony Demoscene Festival in september, the "Psychol Intro" [09/01] (emers/flapjack) was released, announcing not only Flapjack's return to the amiga scene after 2 years, but also his revivial of the long-running "Psychol" chip packs! As announced in the intro, Crust was working on new os-friendly code, and Caro/Nah-Kolor on new graphics for the upcoming pack!


See Appendix/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Agony (1992, ECS Slideshow)

Wave Sounds (1992, ECS Musicdisk)

Firehouse (1993, 24.10, Intro)

6th in the Polish Autumn Party 93 intro competition.

Unjust Sentence (1994, .05, Trackmo)

4th in the Primavera Party 94 demo competition.

Primavera Partro (1994, .05, Intro)

Released at Primavera Party 94.

40k Intro (1994, 12.08, 40k Intro)

Released at Intel Outside 94.

Contagion (1995, 21.07, Trackmo)

3rd in the Computer Art Festival '95 demo competition.

Fa! Pack (1995, Pack)

Issues 01-19 released 1995-96.

Intel Inside (1996, Intro)

Radioactive (1996, Intro)

BBS Intro.

Zero Gravity (1996, 10.11, AGA Multifile)

Winner of the Gravity 96 demo competition!
Cooperation with Venus Art, see there for details.

Oops! (1996, 10.11, AGA 64k Intro)

Winner of the Gravity 96 intro competition!
Cooperation with Venus Art, see there for details.

Gravity'96 (1996, 10.11, 4k Intro)

  • code: Cerber
  • gfx: none
  • music: none
7th in the Gravity'96 4k intro competition.

UFU-S (1996, 10.11, VIDEO DEMO)

2nd in the Gravity 96 video demo competition.

Navel (1997, 23.02, AGA 64k Intro)

  • code: Informer
  • gfx: Cooper
  • music: MTC
Winner of the Rush Hours '97 64k intro competition!

Mystique (1997, 13.07, Demo)

2nd in the Intel Outside 4 demo competition.

Introko (1997, 13.07, 4k Intro)

Released at Intel Outside 4.

UFU-S v1.99 (1997, 13.07, VIDEO DEMO)

2nd in the Intel Outside 4 video demo competition.
A remix of the original UFU-S.

Spawn (1997, 31.08, AGA FPU 64k Intro)

  • code: Informer
  • gfx: Flapjack, Informer, Madbart (3d)
  • music: SuperFML
Winner of the Gravity 97 64k intro competition!

Capsule (1997, 14.12, AGA 4MB FPU Multifile)

  • code: Informer
  • gfx: Mag666 (3d)
  • music: SuperFML
2nd in the Astrosyn 97 demo competition.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see "Capsule", since my machine does not have the required FPU :( [glenn]

Up n`x (1997, 14.12, AGA ?MB 64k Intro)

  • code: Informer, Scout
  • gfx: Cooper
  • music: X-Ceed
4th in the Astrosyn 97 64k intro competition.

Useless (1997, 14.12, 4k Intro)

  • code: Aln
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a
2nd in the Astrosyn 97 4k intro competition.

Dolphinary (1998, Musicdisk)

Satellite 98 Invitation (1998, Intro)

Satellite was held in November.

Flea (1998, 26.04, Demo)

3rd in the Rush Hours 98 demo competition.

Midge (1998, 26.04, 256b Intro)

  • code: Aln
  • gfx/music: none
Winner of the Rush Hours 98 256b intro competition!

Riot (1998, 29.08, Demo)

2nd in the Gravity 98 demo competition.
This was the group's last demo for a long time, until "I Want To Be A Machine" was released in 2001.

Satellite 99 Invitation (1999, Intro)

Taboo #00 (1999, Diskmag)

Released at Xenium 99.

Taboo #01 (1999, Diskmag)

Tower (1999, 21.03, 64k Intro)

7th in the Astrosyn 97 64k intro competition.

Possible (1999, 17.05, 40k Intro)

Released at Icing 99, possibly for the competition.

Satellite 2000 Invitation (2000, Intro)

Taboo #02 (2000, Diskmag)

Electricity (2000, .08, Intro)

  • code: Kierownik
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a
8th in the Assembly 2000 64k intro competition.
Kierownik's first production for the group.

I Want To Be A Machine (2000, 14.11, Demo)

  • code: Kierownik
  • gfx: Slayer
  • music: "Experimental Trance" by Spectra
Winner of the Satellite 2000 demo competition!
The demomakers were interviewed for Haujobb's "Devotion #2" [06/01]. This was only Kierownik's second production for APX, his first being an intro. Prior to his joining, the group had NO coders left. The entire demo is a polish production.

Mayhem (2000, 14.11, Demo)

4th in the Satellite 2000 demo competition.

Taboo #3 AGA/CGX (2001, Diskmag)

Kiss My Jazz musicdisk intro (2001, 15.04, Intro)

18th in the Mekka Symposium 2001 demo competition.
This musicdisk intro was released for the DEMO competition, which might go some way towards explaining why it performed so poorly, placement-wise. It announced the upcoming musicdisk itself, to come from Pic Saint Loup/Appendix.

Melba (2001, 15.04, 64k Intro)

3rd in the Mekka Symposium 2001 64k intro competition.

Kiss My Jazz (2001, Musicdisk)

Psychol Intro (2001, 14.09, AGA/CGX Intro)

  • code: Emers
  • gfx: Flapjack
  • music: "Sixtus, dont... (zajawka)" by Flapjack (AHX v2 format)
Released at the Symphony Demoscene Festival.

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