Old Bulls

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Old Bulls

POL> Exolon (swap, 08/95), Klaf (swap pPack 'Fa!', ex Appendix, new 06/96),
     Sabe (org code gfx swap, 04-08/95), Scorpik (music, 04-08/95), Scraby
     (swap, doublememb Massive 09/96, new 04/96-09/96), Sundance (gfx
     ascii, ex Technology and Anathema, new 06/96).
???> Abaddon (gfx, ex Rektum, new 06/96), Astaroth (gfx), Hudi (code,
     04/95), Ini (music), Lovely (swap, ex Applause, new 06/96), Noise
     (music, ex Casyopea, new 06/96), Roberts (music, ex Applause, new
     06/96), Sator (old handles Fryzjer and Difalco, new SLH11), Zefir
     (gfx, 04/95).

SUB> Polska Brothers.
---> Miglantz (code gfx), Zbyszek (gfx music), Gluly (gfx music).

The King left to form Erotic Design 04/96.

  Moments (1995, .04, AGA File).
  code: Hudi, gfx: Zefir, Sabe (design), music: Scorpik (P60A format).
  2nd in the Eastern Conference 95 demo competition.
  review: Oh yes! This demo managed to excite me a little. From the moment
  we hear the first bars of the music, to the moment I first saw Bambi, I
  knew I was in for a ride. It opens with some Color blur effect, which
  aren't that interesting, but the next effect sure is. What the demo calls
  Cube Cut is actually two lightsourced vector cubes spacecut with each
  other. A very nice-looking effect. The show continues with stuff like a
  fullscreen 2x2 zoom rotator that rotates a Predator face; some SLOW
  Goraud shading (though they admit it themselves); a FAST linedraw routine
  that throws some lines around the screen; texturemapped 'black hole'
  effect and a colorful waving chessboard, like in Sanity's "WOC '92".
    Throughout the demo, Scorpik's tune is superbly timed to the routines.
  I think this tune is one of the most flawless demo tunes I've heard in
  recent years; it sort-of reminds of me of early Lizardking (cirka
  Wild Impressions 2), which can not be a bad thing. The thing that REALLY
  charmed me about this demo, though, was the cuuuute graphics by Zefir.
  He produces three fullscreen pictures for this demo (excluding the Old
  Bulls logo), all of which are cute and good. The entire demo opens with
  the title screen, which in addition to saying Moments also features a
  Bambi-like deer drinking water. Towards the middle there's a picture of
  comic book character Asterix, and the entire demo is rounded off with a
  picture of a kitten. Very very cuute all of them.
    The party report says it's a cooperation demo with Tilt, while the
  demo itself never mentions Tilt at all. The format of the file is a
  little interesting. It's got a header, uncrunched, but with lots of
  Crunchmania data files making up the rest of the file. Perhaps it's
  designed like that to make it memory-economic or to prevent depacker-
  ripping... It doesn't stop WRip though :) [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Fade (1995, 30.08, AGA 64k Intro).
  code/gfx: Sabe, music: Scorpik (The Player 6.0A format).
  3rd in the Intel Outside 95 64k intro competition.
  review: "Fade" opens with some jumping vector planes, which soon starts
  showing off their many colors to create a nice display. Next is a gouraud
  shaded vector city, much like the one in Pygmy Projects "Extension"
  (08/93), only this one is smaller and MOVES a less like a city :)
  An apple is up next, and it seems to be z-buffer shaded instead of the
  earlier gouraud. I know I've seen this apple object in other demos, so
  it's probably a common object... The thing that makes this intro, really,
  is Scorpik's fabulous trancy, thumping, wild but disciplined techno tune.
  I don't think the intro would have had this much impact without that
  tune. Luckily for us, it HAS that tune, hehe... 64k and lots of
  entertainment - go download this. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.