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Reading and Navigating the Site

ExoticA is styled on Workbench 1.3 with a rotating set of themes. As with the Amiga Workbench, the site has a top pulldown menu, which on this site allows for navigation, searching, and user preferences and tools. Just hover over the 'Navigation' 'Toolbox' 'Personal Tools' and 'Search' to see the available options for each one. In addition to the navigation menus, there are tabs above, where you can select to view the discussion for a page, the history of a page and more. There are more options available once registered on the site - as then you will be able to add and edit information, as well as watch pages for changes.

The quickest way to find information at ExoticA is to look it up directly. Hover over the 'search' menu, and type in your search term. Clicking search will match page contents with your search term and bring up the best matching results (or a message that no matches were found). Using the 'go to' button allows you to go directly to a page with a name matching your search criteria.


Most downloadable files are stored on ftp. A link from the wiki will choose a random ftp mirror to download. If for any reason the download fails (such as a mirror being temporarily offline) then please press back and try the link again.

Editing the Wiki

ExoticA utilises the same software as Wikipedia (called MediaWiki). This enables visitors to contribute to the site. All you need to do is register with the site giving a valid email address, and then you can start editing!

To get started editing a MediaWiki site, you need to know a bit about the syntax. MediaWiki uses a simple syntax, which makes editing very easy. It also allows some html for more control over layout. For complete instructions on MediaWiki editing please see the The MediaWiki Help:Editing Page and for additional advice specific to this site, more information can be found on our Help:Editing page. Please make use of the Sandpit (Sandbox) to practise wiki markup etc.

Helping Out

Once you are familiar with editing, but want an idea where to start, you might want to look at the ExoticA:Todo page for a list of tasks which need completion. Any help you can give is much appreciated.

Creating Themes for the Site

We rotate (currently each day), between a selection of different exotica logo themes. If you would like to create and have your artwork on display, then please read the themes page which has detailed instructions on creating and submitting your work.