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MediaWiki Editing

ExoticA is based on mediawiki which is the software created for Wikipedia. To get started editing a mediawiki site, you need to know a bit about the syntax. MediaWiki uses a simple syntax, which makes editing very easy. It also allows some html for more control over layout. For complete instructions on editing please see the MediaWiki editing handbook .

ExoticA Specific Styles

We have a number of CSS classes which can be used. Below are a few examples of various layouts we recommend using when adding information to the site.

Information Tables

Using the "infotable" class you can quickly style a table so it matches the look/feel of the site. This will allow easy recolouring/restyling of tables in the future. You can of course append addition classes or styles by adding style="width: 50%;" etc after the class. The caption is optional and alignment of cells can also be adjusted easily by using class="r" or class="right" to the markup (as shown below).

{| class="infotable"
|+ Caption for table
! First Heading
! Second Heading
! Third Heading
| class="r"|Row 1 Column 1
| class="r"|Row 1 Column 2
| class="r"|Row 1 Column 3
| Row 2 Column 1
| Row 2 Column 2
| Row 2 Column 3
Caption for table
First Heading Second Heading Third Heading
Row 1 Column 1 Row 1 Column 2 Row 1 Column 3
Row 2 Column 1 Row 2 Column 2 Row 2 Column 3

Contributing / Linking to Files

This describes how to add non image files to UnExoticA : To link to an image, use the Special:Upload page and the relevent wiki markup.

If you wish to link to an audio file or archive from a wiki page, you should do the following:

  • Upload the file to (make a directory to keep things tidy) along with a text file explaining what your upload is and where you think it should go in the ftp archive.
  • Email BuZz or XtC to inform us of the upload.
  • Leave a place holder on your page until the file has been moved by an admin. When it has use the download template to reference the file. This should be in the format
    for example:
    {{Download|file=media/exoticons/v1.0/Exoticons35.lha|name=Exoticons v1.0 (OS3.5)}}

Contributing to the UnExoticA music archive

Details about contributing to the UnExoticA music archive can be found on the UnExoticA page.