Horizon (real)

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Horizon (HZ) (Real)

There were two Horizon's, both of which existed around the same time. HZ real was the original Horizon, coming from the C64, while the others were the cracker and demo group that, among others, had Gaston cracking for them. Differentiating the two is further made difficult by the fact that they were both based in Sweden :)


Badger (Daniel Stenberg)
Boogaloo (Linus Nielsen, code)
Exilon (Jörgen Gustavsson, code)
Judge (ex Fairlight, new early90)
Pernod (Daniel Larsson, gfx, ex Fairlight, new early 90)
Kjer (Kjell Ericson)
Mastermind (Nicklas Ulvnäs)
Zagor (Björn Stenberg)


See Horizon (real)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Virtual Intelligence (1991, ECS File)

Virtual Intelligence
Boogaloo, Exilon
gfx: Pernod
music: Tomas Danko Jr.