Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party '92

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Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party 92 was a demo party.

26-29.06  Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party 92.
Held in Tranebjerg, Samsø, Denmark by Hurricane (amiga) and Brutal (c64).
About 900 people attended. There were two main halls, one for the c64 and
one for the amiga guys, and in addition VIPs were allowed special rooms to
concentrate on their demos. The bigscreen was fuzzy, and proved a
disappointment for many of the attenders. A partyboard was promised by the
organizers, but was closed down already on the first day. A guy called Echo
(from the c64 scene) fell 3-4 meters out a window, but wasn't seriously hurt
=) More then 50 tunes were played over three hours for the music
competition... Vote counting was a mess, Connor/Balance was first declared
winner of the amiga graphics competition, but Kefrens demanded a recount.
The result was that a new winner was declared. How can we trust the rest of
the results then? On the final day of the party, Hurricane put the last nail
in their own coffin when they announced there would be NO PRIZES for any of
the competitions (despite proud claims in the invitations of prizes in
excess of 100.000DKK!). The reason was not explained at the party, but Brian
later stated in an interview with Balance's "Magbox #1" that the reason for
this was that only about half of the attendants actually payed the entrance
fee, and that the party went under-budget by about 60-70.000 DKR. Censor
Design members were extremely pissed off, and started destroying things
until they got paid. They were therefore the only ones to get paid. Most
people's overall impression of the party was that the organizing was lame,
and the arrangers were dubbed "Hurrilame" by merciless party attendants. The
group did not survive long after the party - with their reputation
shattered, they had little choice but to declare the group dead.
  Special thanks to Graham/Oxyron for c64 results! Organizers lost the
official results, so just the top 4 are known.

· Results from resultfile that came with Demos of the World v3.0.
· Additional results found in Parasite's "Imperial Tunes" (amiga).
· Information and music reports from Balance's "Magbox #1" (amiga).

invit   Hurricane "Party Invitation Intro" (amiga).
        Brutal "Brutal Demoparty 92 Invitation" (c64).

amdemo  1.  Kefrens "Guardian Dragon II".
        2.  Analog "Falling Up".
        3.  The Silents "Xpose".
        4.  Anarchy "In The Kitchen".
        5.  Melon Dezign "S.O.S."
        6.  Dominators "Nevermind".
        7.  Andromeda "Point Blank".
        8.  X-Trade "Embrolic Coding".
        9.  Sanity "Optimum Fuckup".
        10. Gunnars Farve Bio "Megademo 3".

fast    1.  Parasite.
        2.  Silents/Crystal.
        3.  Sanity.
        4.  PMC/Majic 12 and Static Bytes.

gfx     1.  Scuba/X-Trade "ScUbA-WiNnEr".
        2.  R.W.O/Kefrens "R.W.O2".
        3.  Sauron/Equinox "Sauron".
        4.  ADT/Soc.Brigade "ADT".
        5.  Slash/Anarchy "Slash".
        xx. Connor/Balance.

music   1.  Omar/Sonic.
        2.  Chyle/Balance.
        xx. Brainiac "Chill In".
        xx. Groo/CNCD "Biomechanoid".
        xx. Jesper Kyd/The Silents.
        xx. Kollaps/GFB "Fornuft".
        xx. Mantronix/Phenomena.
        xx. Slide/Parasite "Free From Wires".
        xx. SPB/Inzzest "Moonlight Orchestra".
        xx. Tip & Mantronix/Phenomena.
        xx. T.u.s.c./Vixen "Call 911".
        xx. Twilight & Doc Holiday "Bice 2 Ya Fice".

64demo  1.  Horizon "The Last Traktor III".
        2.  Censor Design.
        3.  Offence "Emotional Breakdown".
        4.  Camelot "Produkthandel Kom Her".
        xx. Crest.
        xx. Oxyron "Coma Light 5".

64gfx   1.  Sensei/Censor Design.
        2.  Paladin/Offence.
        3.  Dragon/Censor Design.

64music 1.  Danko/Censor Design.
        2.  Drago/Censor Design.
        3.  Guy Shavitt/SCS.
        xx. Shade/Flash Inc. "The Techno" (90).

other   Flash Inc. "Hotshot #19" (c64 diskmag).
        Quartz "Summer Conference 92 Contribution" (amiga).
        Talent "The Complete" (amiga musicdisk).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party '92.

Demo Year Group(s)
Guardian Dragon II 1992 Kefrens
In The Kitchen 1992 Anarchy
Optimum Fuckup 1992 Sanity
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