Ikari/Zargon Party

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24-25.03  Ikari/Zargon Party.
Held at Slagelse Gymnasium in Slagelse, Denmark, mostly for the c64 scene,
but also open for amiga and atari st. Food, drinks and disks were sold at
the party place. The party resulted in a big general dislike for Excell/
Ikari - see the report in Amok's "Sex'n'Crime #2" [04/89]. He disqualified
demos from swedish groups Horizon, Oneway and Triad, and replaced the
originally intended jury - 10 guys from 10 groups - with a 2-man jury with
one member from Ikari and one from Channel 42. Well, the demo competition
results speak for themselves, don't they...? There were also complaints
about the small room and some powercuts that were experienced during the

· Information from report in Amok's "Sex'n'Crime #2" (c64 diskmag).

amdemo  xx. Dexion.
        xx. Kefrens "Megademo Disk #6".
        xx. Trilogy "Mountains".

64demo  1.  Ikari.
        2.  Channel 42.
        xx. Abnormal "Illegal".
        xx. Horizon.

other   Fairlight "Human Killing Machine" (c64 crack).
        Online, Triangle, Cosmos, 711 and Dominators "Combat Crazy" coop
          crack! (c64 crack).
        Triangle "Asgard" (c64 crack).
        Trilogy "Mountains Demo" (amiga).