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Ikari (1987-)

ENG> Just Ice (Mark, crack, 10/87-04/90).


ENG> Nik (code crack, 09/87-09/88), Pal (code crack, 11-12/87).
DEN> Gandalf (ex Jewels, 09/88).

Boards; WARES CASTLE (usa, 06/89).

Ikari was an English cracker group, formed in july of 1987 by Pal (crack,
11/87) and Ultima (no longer members). Other early joinings included Nik.
Most Danish members used to be in Jewels.
  1988 - Mid to late this year, most members of Jewels (Doc, Fletch, Excell
and Gandalf) reinforced Ikari. The group cooperated with Public Enemy on at
least one crack in may or june. Nik decided to STOP cracking in september,
since he felt the current cracking scene, with its focus on fast releases,
didn't leave time for crackers to do quality cracks. He would continue in
Ikari, though, concentrating on demos.
  1989 - English cracker Tri-Dos (09/88-01/89) left for DCS, likely very
early this year. He was still in Ikari in january. Late this year - likely
november or december - the group entered into the legendary cooperation
with Talent. At this time only Doc, Fletch, Excell (denmark) and Just Ice
(england) were members. Their american board THE ADDICTION (06/89) was
carried over into I+T.
  1991 - Danish coder and cracker Excell (ex Jewels, 09/88-) left the group
around january after having problems with Bod/Talent. Danish crackers Doc
and Fletch (both ex Jewels, 09/88-) left the group some time later, and all
three joined Legend.