Insanity (denmark)

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Insanity [denmark] (1991-)

Insanity is an Amiga demo group.



Hille (Thomas Hillebrandt, music swap, ex Z.A.P/Byte Busters, 12/93-07/96)
NME (Tue B. Petersen, mainorg gfx swap, old handle N.N.)
RAW (Finn Nielsen, code swap)
RFC (Rune Friis Clausen, gfx swap)

Group History

Insanity was formed by N.N (later NME), RAW and RFC in 1991 or 1992 (noone really remembers, Hille told me =D), and was a purely Danish group. They were part of the demoscene, but never really released anything except small tools. There were at least two other Insanity groups, from Australia and Norway, but they had nothing to do with each other. The group is now in hibernate mode, with no members still active on the scene, but with an option to perhaps return one day... Thanks to Hille for information!

At the end of December, Hille finished on a disappointing 23rd position in The Party '93 music competition with his song "Rubber Computer".
At the South Sealand '96 party in July, Hille finished 17th in the music competition with his module "Fede Fisk I Flasken".