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General Information

A music format created by Jason Page. It was also used as the basis for Jason's music routines on the Atari ST, SNES and Megadrive.

Technical Information

File Prefix/Extension

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Year Team / Publisher
Empire Soccer 94 1994 Graftgold / Empire Software
Fire & Ice - The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote 1992 Graftgold / Mindscape
Fire & Ice (CD³²) - The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote 1994 Graftgold / Mindscape
Realms 1991 Graftgold / Virgin Games
Uridium 2 1993 Graftgold / Renegade


Demo Year Group / Party
No Jason Page demo music in the archive
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