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Kang Fu
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Composer(s) Boudewijn Pelt
Remon Vos
Jeroen Petrick
Team(s) Great Effects Development
Publisher(s) Great Effects Development
Music Format(s) Ogg Vorbis
Year published 1996

UnExoticA Music Files

No audio downloads are currently available for this game. ExoticA received a complaint from Hugo Hoekstra on behalf of Great Effects Development (Abbreviated to GREED). In their complaint, they said that a yearly license could be bought for their music at the price of 1000 euros a year. Otherwise, we needed to remove the music before the 11th December 2008, and pay them fees of 150 euros for the 7 weeks the music was available.

We attempted to confirm the email really did come from the person it was claimed, unfortunately it is not possible to contact Great Effects Development via their website. Their contact form does not work, and the email address published on the site is non-working. If anyone else from Great Effects Development is reading this, please do get in touch.

It was a shame that Hugo Hoekstra did not approach this matter in a friendlier way. In a later email he asked for us to mention that the game can be bought, and we have offered to post a link. Hugo suggested that the game would probably be sold on eBay.

We had originally published some email correspondence on this page. This was not appreciated by Hugo. In an email from him he said if we met three of his demands he would allow us to avoid the 150 euro fee. One of the conditions was the removal of the correspondence (along with the permanent removal of the music and stating that they owned the copyright and the game was available to buy with). We decided that in the hope of removing the bad feelings over the situation we would remove them (not because we were scared of going to court - honest!). In the most recent correspondence Hugo told us we were just in time, as his attorney was dealing with the paperwork that afternoon! Phew - we we lucky!

So, as it stands currently, if you want to listen to the music from this game, you are going to have to buy yourself a copy. You can find more out about the game by following the HOL and Lemon links at the bottom of the page.

ExoticA is a non profit site, which is supported by most of the composers and companies we profile. Permission for files is also obtained where possible, and in many cases the music is submitted by the authors themselves. It is rare for a dispute to arise, and in fact it has happened only twice. The previous occasion was with a company called APC&TCP who gave us a take down notice for two files, then later gave permission to host them.

Here is the statement from Hugo Hoekstra:

Kang Fu is copyrighted by Great Effects Development, no audio downloads will be available. Kang Fu is still for sale at a budget price.
- Hugo Hoekstra \ Great Effects Development


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