Kefrens and Dexion Party '90

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Kefrens and Dexion Party was a demo party.

17-19.02  Kefrens and Dexion Party.
KD90 was held at a kindergarden in Nykøping Falster, Denmark for the amiga
scene. There was one big room for the competitions, and several classrooms
where all sort of people gathered. Many foreign groups visited the event,
like Vision, Fraxion, Fairlight, Silents, Scoopex, D-Mob, Miracle, Digitech
and many more. Dexion's amiga demo was previously released, at the
Dominators, Upfront and Trilogy Christmas Party 89, held december last year
(three months earlier). Thanks to Conan/Rebels (through Zeg) who contributed

· Information from mention in Fourth Dimension #5.
- Report in Alpha Flight "Crackerjournal #19".

amdemo  1.  Kefrens "Megademo VIII".
        2.  Dexion "Megademo II".
        xx. Crionics "Megademo".
        xx. Flash Production "Danish Know How".
        xx. Rebels "Megademo II".
        xx. The Silents DK "Megademo".
        xx. Warfalcons "Wings Of Victory".

other   Flash Production "Digital Concert 3" (amiga musicdisk).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Kefrens and Dexion Party '90.

Demo Year Group(s)
Kefrens Mega-Demo VIII 1990 Kefrens
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