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Kingsoft is a game publisher. They are also a game development team.

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following games in the UnExoticA collection were published by Kingsoft.

Game Year Team / Publisher
Boulder Dash 1987 Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Bug Bomber 1991 Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Crash & Burn 1989 Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Gotcha! 1990 Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Gravity-Force 1989 Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Hägar the Horrible 1991 Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Locomotion (Kingsoft) 1992 Prestige / Kingsoft
Missiles Over Xerion 1994 Cycletech / Kingsoft
Paramax - The Paradoxical Escape to Real Reality Unknown Kingsoft / Kingsoft
Phalanx II: The Return 1987 Digital Dreams / Kingsoft
Turn It 1989 Tale / Kingsoft
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