Magic Marble

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Magic Marble
Magic Marble box scan

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Composer(s) Klaus Ude
S Steinke (Intro)
Team(s) Sphinx
Publisher(s) Sphinx
Music Format(s) Soundtracker
Year published 1989

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Download archive Game/Ude_Klaus/Magic_Marble.lha
Thanks to Asle for this rip who notes that, "These should be handled as curiosity only! Yep, I had to modify the files as the patterns were only 512 bytes long and the speed was F03 while it's not in the patterns. So, I guess that a custom is in order to be proper, but it's beyond me. So the only differencies are the pattern lists, the order of the pattern data and this F03 set speed. Note that the file ' mucke' _does_ contain subsongs, but, heh, it's old Soundtracker and D** didn't exist :-). That's another reason for a custom I guess."

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png mucke 102750 Klaus Ude Magic Marbe 1989 Sphinx
File List Indent v2.png mod.himuse 18148 Klaus Ude Magic Marbe 1989 Sphinx
File List End v2.png mod.intro sec 88297 S. Steinke Magic Marbe 1989 Sphinx
Wednesday 20 September 2006 (XtC): Added to collection

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