Maniacs of Noise

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Maniacs of Noise (MON, 1987-)

Maniacs of Noise (a.k.a. MON or MoN) are the living musical legends of the C64 scene. They were originally based in Holland, but in time took in some Danish members as well. They delivered music for heaps of C64 games, as well as paying their dues for the demoscene.


Charles Deenen (code music),
Jeroen Tel (music),
Reyn Ouwehand (music, aka Macmagic)
Johannes Bjerregård (music)

Group History

Dutch Reyn Ouwehand (Macmagic/The Ruling Company) and dane Thomas Petersen (Laxity/Starion) both joined the group around February. Laxity left for another music label, Vibrants, in September.

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