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Vibrants (1989-,

DEN> Drax (Thomas Mogensen, music, also in Bonzai, later Crest, 89-09/96),
     JCH (Jens-Christian Huus, code music, 89-91), Laxity (Thomas Egeskov
     Petersen, music, ex Maniacs of Noise, new 09/90-08/94), Link (Klaus
     Grongaard, music, ex Cheyens, 89-09/96), Metal (Torben Hansen, music,
ENG> Deek (Richard Rinn, music, also in Genesis Project, new 07/90-93).

Vibrants was a music group, formed in september of 1989 by JCH, Drax and
Link as a subgroup of the AMOK music department. They quickly became one of
the most successful music groups on the C64, at times rivalling the Maniacs
of Noise for popularity. However, they were much more closely linked to the
demo scene than MON. Some of their members later continued working under the
Vibrants name on the PC.
  1990 - English musician Deek joined in july, but also kept his membership
in Genesis Project. Drax became a doublemember of the demogroup Bonzai
around august, and Laxity joined from Maniacs of Noise in september. Both
Laxity and Link contributed tunes to Crest's demo "2 Years Crest" [10/90] in
  1992 - JCH finally abandoned the c64 platform for the pc this year.
  1996 - Both Drax and Link made exclusive contributions to Oxyron's demo
"ReLIGHTening", released in september.