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Medicine (1994-)

Medicine is an Amiga demo group.



Pace (Roger Andersson, swap, 94)
TBB (sysop 'TWISTED SOCIETY, 05/94)
Axe (new PRP4)
Cabbe (new PRP4)
Parsec (new PRP4)
Stuff (new PRP4)
Thunor (new PRP4)

Group History

Medicine was formed by the Swedish division of Infect after they left to form their own group. The original founders were at least Morrow, Lussar'n, Jammie and Slime.

  • Swedes Mr.Mygg and Morrow (founder) got kicked (PRP4). Both were later in C-Lous.
  • Swedish coder Lussar'n (founder) joined Rebels (PRP4).
  • The two Swedes Frame (founder, old handle Jammie) and Slime (founder) left (PRP4). Frame then joined C-Lous late 94, and Slime was later in Rebels.
  • Swedish coder Exidor joined the new Razor 1911 (PRP4).
  • Swedish coder Origo joined from C-Lous for a couple of months, but later chose to rejoin C-Lous (PRP4).