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Model [new]

FRA> Furio (gfx, 12/93), Kriss (moral support, 12/93).
???> Skywalker (code).

  First Demo (1993, 28.12, ECS Trackmo).
  code: Skywalker, gfx: Furio, Deckard/Disaster (demo pic), music:
  Moby/Sanity (game), Pearl & Craftman/not Model :) (demo).
  Split 27th in The Party 93 demo competition.
  Review: This demo is split into two parts. First there's a demo of a game
  they're making, which runs for a little while before it boots the main
  demo part. Nothing outstanding about the demo as such, it's just an
  average no-frills production.
    Compatibility proved to be a problem. It works fine (except for a few
  graphical and musical errors in the game part) for a good while into the
  demo part. Then it suddenly just guru's without further warning.
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.
                Note: See review.