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Monk (1995-1996)

Monk was formed by dutchman Jay One in march of 1995, and shortly after Sane
also joined. Thanks a lot to Sane for the complete info on this group! =)
  1995 - The group's next recruit was swedish coder Vicious from Septic,
who joined closer to the middle of the year, as did dutchman React (ascii
swap). The group was originally going to release a diskmag called "Trinity"
this year, with graphics by Jay One and coding by Vicious. The magazine,
unfortunately, did not get finished, and this left a lot of unreleased
articles. With the coding help of Tim/TBL, a solution was found though in
the release of "Trinity - The Article Release 1" in the summer of 1995. It
was around this time that Jay One changed his handle to Chiron. Following
this, Tim joined the group as a funmember under the handle Snapcap, and also
helpe code "Trinity - The Article Release 2" under that handle late in the
  1996 - The group made their final release with "Intro To Trinity", an
intro promoting the diskmag they were STILL hoping to release eventually.
But unfortunately, in june or july of 1996, the group died after their
founder Chiron (Yorick Burgmeijer) sold his A1200 (to Sane!) and their coder
Vicious (Pontus Munck) had left the scene. Coder Snapcap (Tim/TBL) also left
the scene, and moved to the UK to work for Core Design on the game "Tomb
Raider". Sane moved on to the dutch group Mellow in july, and became
maineditor of the "Hokus Pokus Dutch Charts" there. React joined the ascii
group Head! in july.

  Trinity - The Article Release 1 (1995, summer, ECS 'minimag' =)
  code: Tim/TBL, gfx: Jay One, music: Dreamer/Nah Kolor, editors: Sane,
  Magic/Nah Kolor.

  Trinity - The Article Release 2 (1995, late, ECS 'minimag' =)
  code: Snapcap, gfx: Chiron, music: Hollywood/Axis, Deelite/Razor 1911,
  editor: Sane.

  Intro To Trinity (1996, ECS/AGA Intro).
  code/music: Vicious, gfx: Chiron, Sane (design).