Morbid Visions

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Morbid Visions (1994-)

ITA> Alex (gfx), Andy Wet (music, early96), Deathbringer (Antonello Pardi,
     mainorg code, late96), Guru Trasher (code, early96), Lex (c-code gfx
     music, late96), M.A.S.E. (code, doublememb Ram Jam, early96), Nexus 6
     (gfx, new early96), Nikdom (code swap internet, early96), Ruggy (gfx,
     new early96), The Hobbit (swap, early96), The Dark Coder (Luca
     Farlizzi, code, early96), The Trayzer (gfx, early96).

Boards; EXTREMA WHQ (Zero Defects board), DOWN TOWN (Digital Chaos board).

Morbid Visions was born in the autumn of 1994. Both boards they list are
actually run by other groups, but with MV specific areas.

Italian coder Metal Maniac left for Lustrones early96.

  Epidemo (Slide Demo).

  Extrema (Intro).
  Information: BBS intro for their WHQ of the same name.