Motion (amiga) (old)

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Motion [old]

NOR> DJ Devil (code sysop 'DIGITAL JUSTICE' WHQ, 09/91), Nightflight
     (09/91), Raider (09/91), Zniper (09/91).


Can joined Iris.
Edison got kicked.
Siriax joined Acrid.
Kaos joined Network old.
Gravedigger (sysop) joined Digi Wars.
Norwegians Mr.Hat, Mastermind, Lasse, Basse, Dr.Excel (sysop 'OUTLAND'),
  Bud Outrage (ex Artch), Ace, Helix and Eddiksen (ex Wizzcat) were all
Zneiper (ex Wizzcat) joined Dual Crew (RAW1).
Cocoon Design was kicked (SLH11) or left (GEN6).
Norwegians Blazer (code), Duel (gfx) and Madlock (music) all joined
  Andromeda (RAW3). The three were responsible for the "Confuzion" (09/91)
  demo, which came 2nd at the Razor 1911 and Imp-666 Amiga Conference.

  Mona Lisa Overdrive (1990, 06.10, ECS File).
  code: Devil, Mastermind, gfx: n/a, music: Mr. Hat.

. Confuzion (1991, 29.09, ECS File).
  code: Blazer, gfx: Duel, music: Madlock (NoisePacker format).
  2nd in the Razor 1911 & Imp-666 Amiga Conference demo competition.
  review: This demo does not have any exit routine, but resets the machine
  at the conclusion of the show. Having a peek at the executable revealed
  that there is likely a secret part, which the presence of an additional
  chip module collaborates.
. GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1 -- Needs KillAGA.