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Movement (MVT, 1993-)

DEN> Powdered Toastman (Ronnie Nielsen, code gfx, old handle Toastmaster,
     ex Rebels, 12/93), Solnova (Karsten, gfx, 95-08/96), Surf Smurf
     (Carsten Sørensen, code, 95), Tivurr (Klaus Nielsen, music, ex Polka,
FIN> Fiddler (trade, ex Punisher/Shining 8, 03/94), Jef (Kalle Halttunen,
     code, ex Rebels, 93), Meegosh (John Kavaleff, founder sysop 'WASTED
     TIME', ex Rebels old, 12/93), Nugget (Nicklas Renqvist, music, ex
     Rebels), Ruben (Robin Grotenfelt, code, ex Rebels), Storm (Jan
     Henriksson, sysop 'WASTED TIME', ex Rebels, 02/93-04/95).
FRA> Reflex (Frederic Cordier, music, ex Rebels old, 08/93-95), SkyNet
     (code, 09-12/93).
N-L> 911 (Martyn Deykers, founder mainorg music, ex Rebels old, 01/93-95).
NOR> Corny (gfx music, ex Rednex, 95) and Codeman (code, ex Rednex, 95).
SWE> Asterix (Carl Henrik Skårstedt, code, ex Alta/Rebels old), Omega (Per
     Carlsson, music, ex Rebels old), Soul (music, ex Rednex, 95-97).
ENG> Hollywood (music, ex Jetset new, later Axis, new RAW6).
???> Jumbo Burger (code, 95), Robotnik (code, 12/93-95), T'Vaan (gfx,

Movement was formed by 911 and Meegosh from Rebels in January of 1993.
They consist of most of the active part of the old Rebels, which in time
caused Rebels to die. Ofcourse, Rebels was reborn in 1994, and they're
still around! Solnova works at Funcom, I presume, since that's where his
e-mail address is... Milkshake was never a member! ROM4 mentioned that
contra to popular belief, Meegosh is still active.
  Corny works for Funcom, after finally leaving the army, but still seems
to be able to find some time for the scene every now and then.

French graphician Hof (ex The Silents, new early93) joined Melon Dezign.
Dutch organizer and swapper Astro (ex Rebels, new SLH11, 12/93) who was a
  Movement and CNCD doublememb, left them both for Virtual Dreams
Portwer was kicked for inactivity 93.
Swedish swapper Logic (Håkan Jonsson, ex Rebels) left 93.
Maza and Frenchman Xann (code, ex The Silents, new early93) were apparently
  never members, making their future careers a little uncertain.
French graphician Suny (ex Anarchy, 12/93) joined Bomb! late 1994.
French swapper Bross (12/93) was kicked out (PRP4).
Dutchmen Anthony (code, old handle Magician Lord, ex Jetset new, new RAW6)
  and Liberator (sysop 'MELANCHOLIC THOUGHTS', ex Freestyle, both 12/93)
  both joined the new Axis (PRP4).
The two frenchmen in Oops! Productions, graphician Alex (09-12/93,
   doublememb Impact Studios [pc]) and Nam (12/93) (both ex Dreamdealers,
   new RAW5) joined Melon Dezign (UPS10).
Danish superswapper The Pride (ex Lemon.) was kicked (WHN1), and
  consequently joined the new Razor 1911 (PRP4).
Turks Kris (code gfx) and Orion (swap) left with their mag 'Eternal'. They
  reported the news themselves in 'Eternal #2', where they were in Miracle,
  but didn't mention THAT in the news :-). Thanks for the clarity, guys!

  Ringing A Doorbell (1993?, ECS File).
  code: Ted's Farm, gfx: Toastmaster, Milkshake, music: Heatbeat.

  Perkele (1993, ECS File).
  code: Nam, gfx: Alex, Fletch, Toastmaster, music: Core.
  review: Not vey interesting really, based totally on design and nothing
  on anything else :) Best thing: Alex's elephant picture.
    The intro credits music as 'from Core', which may mean that it's ripped
  from a Core Design game... There's certainly no indication of anyone
  called Core in any memberlist I've seen. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0. -- Note: KillAGA.

  The Fishing Trip 93 (1993, early, ECS File).
  code/gfx: Toastmaster, music: Heatbeat.

  Assembly 93 Invitation (1993, mid?, ECS File).
  code: JEF, gfx: Alex, Toastmaster, music: Reflex.
  Invitation to Assembly 93.

  Kid (1993, 01.07, AGA File).
  code: n/a, gfx: Alex, music: n/a

  Ting (1993, 10.08, ECS Intro).
  code: Asterix, Robotnik, gfx: Suny, Toastmaster, music: Reflex.
  Released for the Assembly 93 intro competition.

  Cooky (1993, 04.09, ECS File).
  code: SkyNet, gfx: Alex, music: "HB-Autiohalka" by Heatbeat.
  Released for the Saturne 93 demo competition, unplaced.
  review: Certainly an unusual demo, COOKY opens with a reasonably
  cool picture by Alex of a guy wearing a very weird palette :)
  The rest of the demo is just some text screens with small drawings and
  different fonts over a background. It's nicely designed, and fun, but
  in the end nothing you'll remember for a long time.
    On my machine, the demo refused to play the soundtrack. I tried it
  with both KillAGA from DOpus and booting with OCS and caches off, but
  the problem remained. Otherwise, no problems were encountered.
  The music, for the record, is great! [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0 -- Note: See Review.

  Numb (1993, 28.12, ECS Trackmo).
  code: Anthony, gfx: Alex, Lowlife/HTL (additional), Hof/? (endfont),
  music: 911 (Promizer 4.0 format). Released at The Party 93.
  review: Numb's best features is its excellent design, with great graphics
  and backgrounds by Alex. The code isn't really very advanced at all, but
  it's entertaining and polished. Music is also very acceptable. Some of
  the routines on offer is a magnifying lens, a greatlooking parallel
  horizontal graphics twister and a vector cube effect, where all the sides
  are transparent and their color reflects on the bacground picture of an
  angel. Still, as mentioned the real star of the show is the graphics.
  Text in the demo mentions it was released for The Party 93 demo
  competition, yet it appears on no result lists! Can anyone clear up this
  mystery for me?
    While the demo itself works perfectly on my setup, the hidden part
  - accessed by pressing the left mousebutton while booting, the bootblock
  text says - crashes the machine spectacularly. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0. -- Note: See review.

  Bobby (1994, Intro).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Orbit" by Reflex (4ch MOD format).

  3 Seconds of Delight (1994, early, ECS File).
  Code: FTB, Gfx: n/a, Music: n/a

  Old School (1994, 03.04, ECS Intro).
  10th in The Gathering 94 intro competition.