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ENG> Antichrist (org, 94), Dangermouse (code gfx swap, 94), Jinx (swap,
     94), Manik (music swap, 94).
???> Apache 64 (code, 93), Candy Man (music), Equalizer (code sysop), Gaza R
     (music, 93), Gundam (gfx), Impose (gfx, 93), Nexus (code), Osd (code,
     93), P.A.K (music, 93-94).

Nebula was an English-based demo group, under the management of Oedipus
(main organizer and founder) and Antichrist. Then when Oedipus left for LSD
the group carried on for a few more months, but never released anything.
Wit also later joined LSD.

Graphician Baggpuss left the scene for a while.

  Doctor Who (1993?, ECS File).
  code: Danger Mouse, gfx: Gundam, Danger Mouse, music: Oedipus.

  Charts Intro (1993, ECS Intro).
  Code: Apache 64, Gfx: Baggpuss, Music: Gaza R.

  Goingtro (1993, ECS Intro).
  code: Osd, gfx: Impose, music: Pak.