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Neoplasia (NPL)

GER> Butthead (music, 05/95), Cyborg (mainorg music, 05-12/95), Danger D
     (gfx, 05/95), Doc Holyday (gfx, 05/95), Janosh (code, 05/95), Peace
     (swap, 94), Phase (swap, 05/95), Procyon (code, 05/95), Technoking
     (swap, 05/95), THCM (code, 05-12/95), Wizard (code, 05/95).
FIN> Icebeat (music, 05/95), KML (gfx swap, 05/95).
GRE> Alien (code, 05/95), Dark Angel (gfx, 05/95), Ex (music, 05/95),
     Neptunos (music, 05/95).

Neoplasia mentioned in their intro at The Party 95 that most NPL members had
joined Crazy. This means at least these people joined: THCM, Cyborg, Phase,
Technoking, Doc Holiday and german graphician JCS (doublememb Sector 7,

  Sign (1995, 21.05, 40k Intro).
  code: THCM, gfx: JCS, music: Cyborg.
  Released for the Nexus 95 40k intro competition.
  review: Opens with a nice NPL logo with a 3D starfield behind it.
  There are some reasonable advanced effects, like the very nice
  fire effect and a voxelspace terrain...but it's all too blocky to make
  any kind of impact. Sorry. Looking at the review of "The End" below, it
  seems like they've recycled most of the effects from this and used it in
  that intro! [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0. -- Note: KillAGA.

  The End (1995, 28.12, AGA 40k Intro).
  code: THCM, gfx: Toxic/Abyss, music: Cyborg (The Player 6.1A format).
  review: This intro opens with a good logo with a starfield behind it
  (sound familiar at all?), but holds that effect just a little too long.
  I guess it's precalculating at this point, so it's partly excusable - I
  hate those 'please wait while precalculating' messages... At least we're
  getting an effect, a good graphic and some music! Next is a spacecutting
  routine, but the objects (spheres, it seems) are so blocky the routine is
  ruined. Next there's a rather good fire effect, followed by a blocky
  voxel landscape. This part is also, unfortunately, very blocky and has an
  unusual choice of palette. The whole thing is rounded off with a sort of
  chunky image stretcher/zoomer/thing, which starts with what seems like a
  map of the world... Then it all ends quite abruptly.
    Since no actual text appears anywhere in the intro, I depacked it and
  found some text describing the credits. The name is based on the
  filename. Also see my review of "Sign" above... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.