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Nerve Axis (NVX, 1992-,

ENG> Babbage (code gfx, 12/96-02/98), Crash! (Dean Ryan, org, 12/96-06/01),
     Meson (gfx raytrace editor 'Pressure', 12/96-08/98), Schlott (Tommy
     Schlott, code, 12/96-08/98), Tango (ascii project manager,
     12/96-08/98), Venom 12/96-08/98), Wade (gfx, ex Gods, later Haujobb,
     new 03-08/98), Zone (org gfx www, 12/96-08/98).
ICE> Jam (music, 12/96-08/98), Spoon (music, 12/96-08/98).


AMF (eng, sysop 'NORTHERN X-POSURE'), Axe (eng, org, ex Eclipx, new late93),
Carbon (gfx music, -notmembanymore-, 12/96), Damage (gfx, 12/96), D-Vice
(aus trade music, new mid 93), Epsilon (trade, 12/96), Evil C (Clive, eng
mainorg, 93), Rombust (eng code, re-Neo, 93), Stigg (eng code), Pak
(Patrick, sco music, new mid93), Carebear (sysop), Corn (sosys 'WELSH
COAST'), Cyber (code trade), Dark Elf (code), Decker (trade, new mid93),
Dreamer, Dr.Kaya (ex Zero Defects), Excalibur (gfx music), Gundan (trade,
new mid93), Iceberg (ex Alliance), John Doe (sysop 'THE RECLUSE'), KGB
(sysop 'STARGATE', 12/96-08/97), Leech (code), Leonardo (gfx), Maffia (codeE
ascii, 12/96), Michelin Man, Mozart (trade), Neelix (eng sysop 'LA LUNA',
12/96-08/97), Nightflyer, Phantom (trade, ex Fine, new mid93), Rage (trade,
12/96), Skittle (code, 12/96), Squidge (music, 12/96), Sarek (org, 93),
Terminal Storm (code music).

Nerve Axis was born in July 1992 by Telemach, and was originally head-
quartered around Bolton, Manchester in England. Later that year, in
september, several British groups split up, and Nerve Axis gained a lot
of good members. Their demo "Impossible Cube" (93) was the first British
AGA demo. Lots of members later left, forming the new group 'Neo'. Among
the ones who left were previous star coders Khul and Rombust. OSD left the
scene altogether. From an alltime high of 45 (!) members this left them
with 7. After some time without even a coder, things then started to pick
up. They recruited new members, and after Neo died Rombust rejoined.
  Today they're a whole new crew, and are way on their back to almost
singlehandedly reviving the British scene. Their first signs of real success
came when they unexpectedly WON the democompetition at The Assembly 97 with
their amazing demo "Pulse".
  1993 - Original founder Telemach left to concentrate on his new group
Ascii Unlimited mid 93. His organizing duties were taken over by Sarek and
Evil-C. Kenton left to form a new group mid 93. English coder Oedipus left
for Destiny shortly after the Destiny Communion party in august. English
coder Lando is no longer a member, but has resurfaced in Mangoo in the year
  1996 - Bliss left the group for Steps of Change in april. The first issue
of their diskmag "Pressure" [12/96] was released in december.
  1997 - The group travelled to finland for the Assembly party in august,
and brought with them a demo that's a very close contender for 'demo of the
year' 1997. "Pulse" [08/97] won the competition at this major party, and
established the group as a major force in the demo scene.
  1998 - In february the group released the promotional intro "Sentient Ore"
for Darkage's diskmag "Showtime #9". In a major cleanup, Ace (sysop '13TH
HOUR'), ZipZippy (eng sysop 'TRUCK OR TREAT II', 12/96-), Demolee (fin
raytrace sysop 'MOS EISLEY', doublememb Abuse, 08/97-), Turbo (eng sysop
'CYBERSPACE', 12/96-), Nik (code, 12/96-), Nexus (code, 12/96-) and Icon
(trade, 12/96-) were all kicked in april. August came with Assembly again,
and the group once more travelled to finland with a new demo. The result was
another success; "Relic" [08/97] won the demo competition for the second
year in a row.
  2001 - In an interview with group leader Crash in Haujobb's "Devotion #2"
[06/01] diskmag, the group's future was discussed. Most members now have
pcs, and the prospect of further amiga demos are almost nonevident. Their
coder Schlott now works as a pc coder for Runecraft in Yorkshire, England,
currently finishing up work on his first commercial title, the puzzle game
"Super Bubble Pop". Zone is also working at Runecraft, designing front
screens, menus and websites for various projects. Coder Venom has emigrated
to the usa to work for a large ISP, while finnish musician Ganja (ex Mystic,
old handle Slice, new late95, who left for Scoopex some time ago) is in the
finishing stages of cutting his first commercial cd. Meson has probably left
the scene for good, devoting his time to the woman he loves.

Nightflyer's board 'QUANTUM ERROR' is closed, though Nighflyer himself
  remains active!

  Impossible Cube (1993, 29.08, AGA Demo).
  code: Rombust, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.
  Winner of the Destiny Communion Party 93!

  Demon's Rage (1993, .10, Demo).
  code: Khul, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.

  Pressure promotional (1996, Intro).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Get Crazy!" by Ganja.

  Pressure #1 (1996, 24.12, AGA 2MB HD Filemag)
  code: Tommy Schlott, gfx: Zone, Meson, music: Azazel/TBL, "Rundfunk" by
  Ganja, editor: Meson.
  review: This new filemag actually does the unthinkable and changes the
  standard diskmag layout! This actually tries a different approach to
  presenting its articles than the standard RAW/ROM style! Does it work?
  Yes and no. It's always nice with originality, but I'm not sure when it
  comes to userfriendliness. Usually, when you pick up a mag, you instantly
  know how to control it since they are all pretty much the same. With
  Pressure, you migh feel initially a little confused, since almost nothing
  is as it usually is! Happily, however, the mag multitasks just fine,
  which means I can run it in the background - which makes writing these
  reviews a lot easier! :)
    Content-wise, however, it's not that impressive. It's quite obvious
  that all the truly talented editors are already writing for other
  magazines ;) Still, the whole mag reeks of a crew hungry for glory, so I
  won't write this off just yet... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Pulse (1997, 10.08, AGA 030 4MB Multifile).
  code: Schlott, gfx: Meson, music: "3 Minutes" by Ganja, "Aphrodesic" by
  Jam & Spoon (remix by Ganja). Winner of the Assembly 97 demo competition!
  review: If "Captured Dreams" is the king of 1997, then "Pulse" is
  certainly the handsome prince! From out of nowhere comes a gang of
  British sceners, lead on by a coder noone's really heard of before, and
  shows the finns at the Assembly what TOTAL DOMINATION looks like! There
  are HEAPS AND HEAPS of excellent, greatlooking, innovative effects, as
  well as two thumping techno soundtracks and graphics that are functional.
  You don't really mind that there's only one fullscreen picture, and that
  it's not particularly exciting, because there's so much else going on.
  The fact that there's no outstanding graphics and sound are more than
  made up for by the code. "Pulse" is almost 8 minutes (at least on my
  machine ;) of some of the most pure enjoyable demo material I've seen in
  ages. Thank you, Schlott - I can watch another two hundred boring BBS
  intros now =)
    If this is their idea of a demo made for 060 owners, then I guess I'll
  be able to live with my 030 for a while longer. You see, I encountered no
  problems whatsoever on my machine; not the slightest hint that it wasn't
  catching up. One of the top 3 demos of 1997, no doubt about it. The
  raytraced picture of the fish is "Catching Rays" by Meson, which came 4th
  in the raytrace competition at the same party. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  Sentient Ore (1998, .02, Intro).
  code: Babbage, gfx: Zone, music: "Bassbin Bangin'" by Ganja.
  review: Nerve Axis deliver a nice promotional intro for the Darkage
  diskmag "Showtime #9" here, and manages to maintain their position (in my
  eyes) as a top quality demo group. It seems Schlott is not their only
  coder of some quality. The intro opens with the words 'DARKAGE' and
  'SHOWTIME #9' bumpmapped, over which two moving light points travel
  around, lighting a couple of letters at a time. Then the music kicks in
  for real, and we're presented with some of this issues headlines. The
  music is a chapter onto itself, a weird and - at times - wonderful little
  piece of big beat ambient techno electronic wondrousness... Try saying
  that after 10 pints! Rather nice, oh yes. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Relic (1998, 08.08, AGA 020 6MB Multifile).
  code: Schlott, gfx: Meson, Wade (picture), music: Ganja (The Player 6.1A
  format). Winner of the Assembly 98 demo competition!
  review: "Relic" doesn't update too frequently on my machine :) As
  predicted, it's a pretty processor-intense demo, though on fast Amigas it
  surely rocks! It tries to relate a story, but watching the demo that
  doesn't really matter...It's all just there to showcase the effects
  anyway! As mentioned, the graphics engine of this demo is heavy on the
  processor, but it is also very impressive. Given the complexity of the
  engine, the relative slowness can almost be forgiven. Having said that,
  it's not so slow it's unwatchable by any means!
    While the accompanying text file claims it requires 6MB fast, the system
  test it performs at the beginning claims it only requires 4MB. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.