Network (old)

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Network [old] (NET)

NOR> Alf (12/90), Blade, Dorian (old handle Agro), Duke, Felix, Headache
     (12/90), Kaos (ex Motion), Mad (ex Cult, new 12/90), Skeletor (ex
     Cult, new 12/90), SwEinstein (Svein Berge, code, ex Cult, new 12/90).
???> Raider (ex Decept).

Mainly consisting of Norwegian members, Network was coorganizer of two
copy parties in Norway (1989 and 1990). Years later, another Network
was/is active, but this group has absolutely nothing to do with the
original ones, who probably sprang out from Network on the C64.

Daisy left.
Sphinx joined Violence.
Rick joined Flash Production.
Finnish Catman joined Dual Crew.
Norwegian Bug rejoined Razor 1911.
White Hot and Savage (both ex Wizzcat) were kicked.
Norwegian Assassin, sysop 'EXTENSION' BBS joined Razor 1911.
Norwegian musician Shorty (ex Giants) showed up in Spaceballs years later
  as a coder!
Norwegian Joker (ex Phobia) changed his handle to Corny and joined Vision.
Norwegians Shocker (old handle Beast) and Yoghurt (both ex Cult, new 12/90)
  joined Dual Crew (RAW1).

  Stratos Vibratos (ECS Music).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Maniac and Bug.
  info: This musicselector is the only known real source for modules in the
  FRED format. It is perhaps worth noting that Maniac later became better
  known under his real name; Jogeir Liljedahl!

  Watch This! (ECS Demo).

  Aldri I Bergen (1990, 01.07, ECS Demo).
  2nd in demo competition at the 'Bergen Party' 1990.