New Age

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New Age (1995-)

SWE> Calladin (gfx), Elusive (Peter Hippelainen, music, ex Sardonyx, also in
     Peek [pc] and Smoke [music], new 06/96), Fender (Jonas Hedeback, music,
     aka FNDR, also in Peek [pc] and Smoke [music], 08/96). Maxiphly (code).
???> Acryl (gfx, 08/96), Celtic (code, 08/96), Iz (gfx), Penta (music),
     Sverker (code).

New Age was formed a few days before Remedy 95 by some ex-Giants members.
  1996 - The 64k intro "Murr" [08/96] ended at 6th in the competition at
Assembly in august. Swedish graphicians Spot and Plus8 left for Three Little
Elks in november.

Swedish musician Note (Stefan Karlsson, 09/96), known for his work in the
  C-Lous diskmag "No Sense", decided to leave the scene (ROM9).
Dutch coder and sysop Infant ('THE HIDEOUT', new 06/96-08/96) was
  headhunted to New Age by Note. He wasn't a member for that long, before
  moving on to Nah Kolor.

  Everyone is Jesus (1996, 26.05, 64k Intro).
  code: Infant, gfx: n/a, music: n/a
  5th in the Icing 96 64k intro competition.

  Murr (1996, 18.08, AGA 64k Intro).
  code: Infant, Celtic, gfx: Acryl, music: Fender.
  6th in the Assembly 96 intro competition.
  review: The usual phong objects dominate this intro, with spacecut
  toruses galore. It never goes beyond the 'another phong, _HOW_ exciting'
  stage, unfortunately. The fire effect in the end is not particularly
  convincing, either. I can control my enthusiasm. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.