Next Generation Crew

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Next Generation Crew (NGC)

FRA> Bluesilence (music, ex Eden), Clary (swap, ex Eden), Gandbox (music, ex
     Eden), Hardfire (music swap, doublememb Intense [details], later
     Spaceballs, early95-04/96), Matrix (gfx swap, 10/93), Silk (ex Eden,
     new ROM4), Slaine (gfx, ex Eden), Sylver (ex Eden).
???> Badsnail (music, 10/93), Blackbird (code, 10/93), Crisis (gfx, 10/93),
     Cyborg (code, 10/93), Fixion (code, 10/93), HST (gfx, 10/93), Lionel
     (code, 10/93), Mushies (music, 10/93), Sound Aestesis (music, 01/93-
     12/94), Sunraf (gfx, 10/93), Viper (code, 10/93), Yolan (gfx, 10/93),
     Xulax (gfx, 10/93), Zaltor (gfx, 10/93).

  Vade (1993, 18.10, ECS File).
  code: Viper, gfx: Sunraf, Yolan, Viper (font), music: Sound Aestesis.
  review: Not too exciting. There's some dot-fx and a rather uninteresting
  tune. I will tear it to shreds with more detail at a later date ;) [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Animatunes (1994, 12/10, AGA Trackmo, 2 disks).
  info: Supports external diskdrives.