No-Soul Produkktions

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No-Soul Produkktions (NSP, 1992-)

GER> Barock (Alexander, founder gfx, 92-early93), Bass (Patrick Lindsey,
     founder music, 92-early93), Foxx (founder music, 92-early93), Lynxx
     (founder code, 92-early93).

NSP started life as a subgroup of The Silents, only to leave them late 92
to be a group in their own right. Bass has released several music singles
under his real name, Patrick Lindsey, and at least one single under the
NoSoul name.

  Static Chaos (1992, late, ECS Trackmo).
  code: Lynxx, gfx: Barock, music: Bass, Foxx.
  review: Their first release, made while they were still a subgroup of The
  Silents. Check out the disk from DOS, it's got the main module on it!
  The music sounds like someone trying to do Jesper Kyd...badly! [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.
                Note: The endpart has graphical errors, even after setting
                chipset to original.