Noice (amiga)

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Noice (1991-,

SWE> Inco (C.A., music, 12/94), Tommy (Tommy Jansson, music, 12/94), Zalo
     (sysop 'DIGITAL HIGHWAY', doublememb Session 02-03/95, 01-03/95).

Mainly a C64 demo-hacker-group with some Amiga members and an exponentially
growing number of PC coders. Founded in 1989 by Punch and Swoffa; Amiga
section has been around since 1991.

Dutchman Spike (new early 93) joined Silicon Ltd. after a short while.

  Digital Excitation (1992, mid, ECS Disk).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: John Magi. Winner of  the Svithiod Meditation
  party demo competition in Vaestervik, Sweden, 1992!

  Reductio ad Absurdum (1992, 28.12, ECS Disk).
  code: n/a, gfx: Rocket, music: n/a.
  18th in The Party 92 demo competition.
  info: Hold down J while booting, then type ESUS for secret part!

  G. (1993, 05.08, Disk).
  code: n/a, gfx: Rocket, music: n/a. 3rd in the ECC93 demo competition.