Obsession (amiga)

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Obsession (OBS)

GER> Peacemaker (sysop 'MOONLIGHT CITY', doublememb Retire).
POL> Derk (Waldek Zajac, gfx swap, 93).
???> Alex (code, 93), Chucky (org swap, ex Primus), Dehydrator (music, ex
     Shrimps Design), Gangsta (gfx raytrace ascii, ex Primus), Hyper Hype
     (swap, ex Primus), Tonite (music), Ultra-Sonic (doublememb Sardonyx).

Obsession was a demo group.
  1996 - Comanche joined Deep in june.

  Partyia (1993, early/mid, ECS File).
  code: Alex, gfx: Derk, music: Vex/Enemy.